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Listed below are some of the common questions we get about Vashon Hub. If you have a question or need support beyond what you see listed, just send us a note – we’d be happy to take care of you!

Who is behind Vashon Hub?

We are two Vashon moms who have know each other for 18+ years. Lisa Work is a web designer and photographer. Tea Lee is a stay at home mom of two kids at Chautauqua. You can read more about our story here.

How do I leave a rating or review for a business?

There are 2 ways to leave feedback about businesses:

Star rating:  On the directory page or on the individual listing pages – you will see a set of 5 stars.. Just hover over them and click your rating.  You won’t be able to leave multiple ratings, if you click a 2nd time – it will change your original vote.

Comment Reviews:  On the individual listing pages – Look for the “comments” tab:


From there, you’ll be able to enter your name and email and leave your feedback.  The first time you leave a review on the site, we will moderate it before it’s published, just to make sure you’re not leaving spam. 🙂  Businesses will be able to respond or leave follow up comments if they like.

How do I list my business?

We offer both free and paid listings on The Hub, so you can list your business with any budget.

Click here to see the different pricing plans.  

Select your plan and you’ll be directed to a page to create your listing or get started with your payment.

All listings will be published after we review (within 48 hours). You’ll receive a confirmation email when your listing is live that will have your login and password information to edit your listing.

What if I get a bad rating on my listing?

Every once in awhile everyone is going to get a less than stellar rating. This will usually be outweighed by the good ratings your business gets and an average rating is what will be predominantly shown on your listing.

People will not be able to go in and leave you a whole bunch of negative 1 star ratings in an attempt to discredit your business. This website uses cookies to remember visitors, which helps monitor this sort of abuse. If you feel that something like this IS happening, however, please reach out to us and we’ll investigate. If someone leaves you a negative comment on your individual listing page, you can always leave a reply explaining what you did to resolve the issue with your customer.

How can I upgrade my listing?

To upgrade from a free listing, just start a new listing entry by choosing whichever payment plan that you’d like. From there, you’ll be directed to create a new listing – go ahead and do that. Then, we can either delete the old listing for you, or you can do it yourself from your account page.

I need to cancel my paid listing, how do I do that?

You can cancel or downgrade your listing subscription anytime, but please give us 48 hours to process – so make sure you notify us a few days before your next installment is due. To cancel, just fill out the form on this page and we will take care of you.

How do I edit or delete my listing?

You can use this link to log in to your account. Use the username and password that was emailed to you when your listing was created. OR you can use your email address and select the “Lost your password?” link to reset your password. Be sure to check your spam folder – sometimes the reset email lands there.

Once you log in, you should see your listing(s) in your dashboard. Select the listing you wish to edit, make your edits and click save changes. You can also delete a listing from your account page, if you need to.

How do I claim a listing that belongs to me?

If you would like access to edit a listing that we created for your business, just send us a note requesting to “claim a listing” and we will take care of transferring it over to you.

How do I add something to the events calendar?

Here is the link to submit an event listing, which is always free.  First you’ll need to login or register if this your first time listing an event.

Then, you’ll just fill in all of your information for the event and hit “submit event” at the bottom of the page.  You may need to enter a new venue and/or organizer if you don’t see them listed.

If your event happens regularly, you can create recurring events so you won’t need to add a new one every time. Push the “Schedule Multiple Events” button to set up how often your event will recur.

Once we review your event submission (usually within 24 hours), it will be live on Vashon Hub.

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