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If you haven’t yet visited Vashon Island Baking Company – you need to get your butt in there!  The most delicious treats way for you.  Enjoy our interview below with Sam, the owner – who also own Glass Bottom Creamery.

Vashon Island Baking Company

VH: From where do you hail?

Sam: Before moving to Vashon, I lived with my husband in Washington DC. I lived in Seattle 2002-05 and have friends who lived on the island. I wanted to move back to live here for awhile before we did. 

VH: What is your business and how do you get started ?

Sam:  I was trained as a pastry chef at L’Academie De Cuisine in DC. 

I came to Vashon on a Sunday one day while visiting and wandered into an open house. I was talking with the realtor, who said that the bakery was for sale. And that was it.  

It was August of 2013 and I was 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. By December we got here and after a few renovations we reopened. I still am not sure how I managed to do all of that, but it was what I wanted so I just did it. 

We then opened up Glass Bottom Creamery in 2015 – this will be our 3rd summer.  We make all of the ice cream at the bakery. We just installed a walk in freezer at the bakery so that should support us with keeping up with the demand at the ice cream store. We love that it’s a small, intimate shop that serves homemade ice cream.

Altogether, we have 15 employees… 22-24 in the summer.  Most of our people are part time.

People ask me if baking is my passion – but what I really love is being part of the community, that’s my real passion and why I love what I do.

Vashon Island Baking Company

VH: What is your superpower?

Sam: I can have a lot of balls in the air and feed off that energy.

VH: When you have company visiting Vashon, where do you tell them to go?

Sam: A beach – Pt. Robinson or Lisabeula. A tasting room tour – ebike to tasting room to dinner!  Minglement for people watching.

VH: What’s next for your business?

Sam: We are getting a mobile donut machine and will start doing donuts at the farmers market and strawberry festival! 

Vashon Island Baking Company

VH:  What’s the best thing you ever bought at Granny’s?

Sam:  A cool clock. My mother is obsessed with Granny’s – she lives in Virginia and that’s what she loves to do when she comes to visit.  Also we found a children’s vintage track suit of the Seattle Supersonics – my husband was so jealous because he is a DIE HARD Sonics fan.


You can learn more about the Vashon Island Baking Company on their website. OR visit the Glass Bottle Creamery website here.

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