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If you’ve ever popped into Snapdragon, you know that it’s a really special place. Then, when you get a chance to meet Megan (and her delightful husband, Adam) you know that it’s because of them that Snapdragon is such a happy, wonderful place to be!

Read on to learn more about Megan and the inspiration behind the cafe…

VH:  From where do you hail?

Megan: I hail from the great American city of Chicago! But came to Vashon via Los Angeles.

VH:  How did you land on Vashon?

Megan: I landed on Vashon because my then boyfriend, now husband , was here. We had met years before when I was in college with his little brother in Chicago….To meet up again after a few years and he was here, it made sense to be here, beautiful, quiet, nature, first in love…. all the good things that make it right. A perfect recipe..<

VH:  Tell us all about your business – what you offer, what you do, etc. 

Megan: My business is Snapdragon Bakery and Cafe, along with Home Sweet Home… the Bar

We are a rustic bakery with a vegetarian cafe, we are both artists so added the gallery part to indulge our first loves of visual art. My husband has been a baker since he was 20, starting at Grand Central in the market to pay for college.

VH:  What inspired you to start your business?

Megan: I  also studied art, but always loved to cook so much. Having come from the dark times of vegetarianism when the only thing offered to you at a restaurant was a grilled cheese or the salad option. So i learned to fend for myself.  When I was in HS i worked at one of the first vegetarian places in Chicago called the Chicago Diner. It was great food, and inspiring to me.

It wouldn’t be for many years that we would do this, but it was always there. I worked more in bars then restaurants, hence why we opened Home Sweet Home, small sweet, caters to whoever choose to call it home!

I used to do all of the cooking at Snap, but we grew and couldn’t keep up. I still do the concepts, menus, specials and of course the soups!

VH:  What is your superpower?

Megan: My super power is the drive to be constantly be creative and to change, stagnation is terrible killer to my spirit in terms of creation. I love to change things up and grow constantly. My other super power is my inherit love of people, they are what give me the energy to do it and make it happen.  I love the stories, the emotions, the love, the tears, I always say the best part of my job is the amount of hugs i get everyday!!!

VH:  When you have company visiting the island, where do you like to take them?

Megan: Whenever we have company, we usually have some kind of a bbq down at Lisabuela for sure, at sunset…. the many walks, the sounds of birds in the am, I love to share these of my most private places. And alot at our house, its a great place to visitors. Its not that its so big, but we do love to receive them.

VH:  What’s next for Snapdragon?

Megan: Well, we are actually embarking on a new adventure as we speak! My husband and I are taking over the old La Playa space, which is a special place. Right on the water, first place people see and say good bye from.  We don’t have it all sorted yet, but we will begin with pastries and coffee for commuters in the early am, and go from there. It’s an exciting time for us.

VH:  What’s the best thing you ever bought at Granny’s? 🙂 

Megan: I have sort of a Grannies obsession, I have always been a thrift store junkie from early on. I have to stop in at least once a week!!


You can check out their menu, get hours, etc, on the Snapdragon website.

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