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It’s very likely that you already know Melinda Powers – she is the brains and spirit behind The Hardware Store Restaurant. She just recently opened up Relish – a place to Gather. Cook. Eat. Read on to learn more about this awesome new space on Vashon.

Relish Vashon

VH:  From where do you hail? 

Melinda: Originally from Tucson, AZ, but I lived in 16 different states growing up. My dad was in the Air Force so we moved around a lot. It was a great experience!

VH: Tell us about Relish?

Melinda: Relish is the cooking school on Vashon where people can create in community. In these times, we need a way to use our hands to build something together. You can choose from hundreds of classes, like Spanish tapas, northern Italian cuisine, French bistro cooking, and great family feasts.

VH: What inspired you to create this new space?

Melinda: Starting a new business is one of my favorite things to do. It must be something that captures my imagination AND also benefits our community.

VH:  What is your superpower? 

Melinda:My belief in Miracles. And I can fix most things without really knowing what I’m doing.

VH:  When you have company visiting the island, where do you like to take them?  

Melinda: The Hardware Store, May Bar + Kitchen, Snapdragon, Giraffe, the Vashon Pharmacy, Bike in the tree, a leisurely drive around the island, and then home.

VH: What’s next for Relish?

Melinda: Deciding what we want to do behind Relish and the Hardware Store. With the new construction next door, it opens up opportunities for change. We are open to suggestions! Outside dining? or an enclosed room with a deck on top??

Relish Vashon

VH: Finally, what’s the best thing you ever bought at Granny’s? 🙂  

Melinda: About 10 rice cookers over 14 years

You can see all the classes and read more on the Relish website.

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