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Most of us here on Vashon has at least heard of Susan McCabe and if you haven’t – read on as we introduce you to this amazing woman.

Susan McCabe, Vashon Island

VH: From where do you hail?

Susan: The “Greater Chicagoland Area”

VH: How did you land on Vashon?

Susan: As I traveled the world and visited friends in Seattle, my heart fell for the green of the PNW. My Seattle friends had friends here, and when I started my move from Chicago, I dreamed of the romance of living on a tiny island in Puget Sound…and Vashon had the best rent at the time. I’ve never lived in Seattle.

VH: Tell us all about your business – what you offer and what you do…

Susan: Hannah, Ink is the free-lance writing/editorial business I brought here when I dumped (half dumped) my corporate job in Chicago. Through it, I apply my 30+ years of international marketing, press/media relations, audio/visual production and writing/editing skills to my clients’ needs. No job is too small or too complex. I’m a trained journalist and every career I’ve had has been based on writing. I’ve been producing radio, television and theatre for all those years as well. It’s what I love; it’s where I live…get the story. Tell the story. Tell my client’s story to their most receptive audience via all the available media. Hannah, Ink’s aim is to make your story work in your best interests.


VH: What inspired you to start Hannah, Ink?

Susan: Hannah, Ink is an extension of what I’ve always done — write. Writing has been my livelihood and my joy, in one form or another, for as long as I can remember. I consider myself fortunate to indulge my passion and call it ‘work.’

VH: What is your superpower?

Susan: My superpower is interviewing people — getting the story. Love it!

VH: When you have company visiting the island, where do you like to take them?

Susan: I like to take them hiking on our varied trails; kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding if they’re brave enough. Love touring the Island’s art galleries and restaurants as well. And, our movie theatre that has real butter and often flowers on the counter with a shortage of neon.

VH: What’s next for Hannah, Ink?

Susan: I’ve just brought on a creative colleague who has already doubled my capacity for sizzle.

VH: What’s the best thing you ever bought at Granny’s? 🙂

Susan: My favorite overstuffed chair, the one that sits in my sunroom and beckons me with a book and a refreshing drink at break time.


Thank you Susan, we just adore you!  🙂  You can learn more and get contact info for Susan here.


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