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The information below is from 2018.  We will update with 2019 information as it comes available.
Isabelle’s Playschool is an early childhood education program that emphasizes learning through hands-on experiences in play, art and nature. Children learn best when they are outdoors, with the natural environment as their main classroom to help students connect to the natural world and learn through real life experiences. An outdoor program can improve the health and focus of a child, while also providing them with an appropriate environment to relieve stress, think critically and persist through challenges.
The curriculum focuses on children learning how to garden and work with farm animals, such as pigs and chickens. Students will be the directors of their school; they will be responsible for choosing what they plant, caring for the gardens and animals and reaping the benefits of what they produce. We will pair these experiences with big, creative messes in our classroom! Children are free to mix, make, pour, form and play with a wide range of materials and mediums.
Isabelle’s Playschool is a great place for your child to grow physically, intellectually and emotionally.
Brought to you by: Isabelle Porter
Dates: All summer long. June 25 – August 31
Times: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:00pm, extended hours possible
Age: Potty trained to 10
Cost: $525 per two week camp session
Phone: 253-392-9171, call or text!
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