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Camp Sealth helps kids build strong character, values and life skills. We’re a friendly, inclusive and diverse community of campers and staff who share a love of the outdoors. Camp Sealth is dedicated to making this a truly unique summer adventure!

In Nocturnal Camp, kids get a chance to learn about the nighttime world and explore camp while everyone else is sleeping. Lots of the traditional camp activities are done late at night, plus a few things that are reserved just for Nocturnal. Each night, Nocturnal kids will stay up a little later and sleep in every morning. On the last day, everyone stays up all night to watch the sunrise at Pt. Robinson lighthouse.

Brought to you by:  Campfire Central Puget Sound at Camp Sealth


July 3-6 (short week) – Grades 7-8 ($425)

July 15-20 – Grades 8-10 ($820)

July 31-Aug 3 (short week) – Grades 7-8 ($525)

August 12-17 – Grades 9-12 ($820)

Times: Overnight

Age:  varies, see above

Cost: varies, see above



Phone: 206-461-8550

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