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Camp Sealth helps kids build strong character, values and life skills. We’re a friendly, inclusive and diverse community of campers and staff who share a love of the outdoors. Camp Sealth is dedicated to making this a truly unique summer adventure!


Counselor-In-Training (CIT) is a four week long, in-depth leadership program that fosters independence and builds skills to work towards being a camp staff member. CITs join a long tradition of spirited, dedicated high school youth that love camp and want to work with kids. As a group, you’ll create unforgettable memories and lasting friendships. As individuals, you’ll grow in confidence, make a difference in kids’ lives, and be on your way to joining the talented Camp Sealth staff.

CITs must be entering grades 10-11 in fall 2018, have a high level of maturity and be able to live and work closely with peers and adults. Previous experience with leadership and/or work with children is highly recommended. There is an application process for the CIT program (see below), and it can be competitive.


Riding-Staff-In-Training (RSIT) is a four week long, in-depth leadership and horsemanship program that builds confidence in working with kids and horses, and develops skills to work towards being a camp staff member. RSITs work closely alongside Counselors-In-Training (CITs), but focus on working with horses as well as kids.

Leadership Focus

Leadership Focus is for teens who are excited about leadership, interested in working with kids, or who want to be a camp counselor in the future. This two-week session will combine a traditional camp experience with hands-on leadership experience and skills workshops. This program is a great intro to Counselor-In-Training.


Learn the challenges and rewards of being a Camp Sealth staff member through this volunteer, junior staff position. You’ll assist counselors, activity specialists, and support staff while learning about all aspects of the job. Formerly the High School Intern Program.

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CIT Crew One, July 3 – July 27, Grade: 10-11, $900

CIT Crew Two, July 15 – August 10, Grade: 10-11, $900

CIT Crew Three, July 31 – August 24, Grade: 10-11, $900

RSIT Crew Three, July 31 – August 24, Grade: 10-11, $900

Session 3.5 Leadership Focus, July 15 – July 27, Grade: 9-10, $1300

Camp Sealth LEAD – Training June 24-28 – $200 (Grades 11-12) plus 3 additional volunteer weeks

Times: Overnight

Age:  varies, see above

Cost: varies, see above



Phone: 206-461-8550

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