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Vashon Green School is an educational journey that weaves together the wonder and passion of young people, the wise eyes and skilled hands of adult mentors, and the honest teachings of plants and animals. Farm and forest classrooms offer each student the chance to build ongoing relationship with the more than human world.

Through storytelling, hands-on projects and core routines, children deepen awareness of and connection to the natural cycles, as well as to themselves and their community.  VGS integrates the main lesson curriculum of math, reading, writing, applied science & spanish language with core routines, music and experiential arts-based learning. Lesson flow and activities draw from theme and seasonally-based curriculum. Compassionate communication is fundamental to VGS mentoring practices. Our community of families gather for Seasonal Celebrations.


Phone:  206-466-7398


Ages: 5-9 years

Days: Monday – Thursday

Hours: 9:30a-3p

Cost: inquire

Location: 16245 Westside Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070


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