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Earth Walkers is VWP’s newest offering specifically for teens ages 13-17.

We meet one weekend a month from October through May.

Each weekend will offer a mix of relaxation time to unwind from life’s pressures, epic adventures and skill-building.

You’ll deepen community connections, have fun and push edges through activities and games, learn and grow through creative expression and self examination, and develop deeper awareness and practical hands on relationships with the natural world.

Our mentors will co-create each weekend with you, while having a general focus, such as:

  • friction fire
  • fire building and tending
  • primitive cooking
  • wildcrafting
  • tracking through animal sign and bird language
  • advanced carving skills
  • bushcraft
  • traditional skills (i.e., basketry, plant dyes)

During our time together, we will practice team building skills, have solitary time, and deep discussions on life, as well as laugh and grow together. You will have time for writing, reading, and wandering the forest getting to better know yourself and the earth. There will be storytelling, wild games, and nights filled with laughter as well as connection.

Our intention is to create a safe space for you to just be yourself, to have a ton of fun, to experience the tight bonds of community, and to co-create an epic adventure.

Our mentors come ready to fully meet you right where you are, with compassion, acceptance, and a bit of mischief to challenge and support you to grow beyond who you think you might be, and into the person you are becoming. Join us!


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