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Nourish your whole family with ReWilding Families! We’ll provide you with simple practices and tools, caring guidance, and an enriching environment to revitalize your connection with yourself, your family, and a community of like-minded nature lovers.

Field days will help you unplug from the buzz of screen-time and life at home as you sink into the harmonic pace of the natural world. Each month we’ll explore the land, play games, tell stories, sing songs, and more. Activities will be led by VWP’s experienced instructors and may include:

  • Fire making and tending
  • Cooking over open fires
  • Shelter building
  • Cordage Making
  • Nature Art/Holiday Gift Making
  • Bird Language
  • Aidless Navigation
  • Mammal Tracking
  • Wild medicine making

Field days will be offered on the 3rd Sunday October – May from 10am-1pm at various natural locations throughout Vashon Island. A schedule will be posted (check back for details).

Home Explorations will be offered each month to help your family incorporate core routines for deep nature connection. We’ll provide you with practical tips and suggested explorations to tend your nature connection in between field days.

Free Parent Trainings will be offered three times per year so you can learn more about our renowned approach to deep nature connection and the bundle of teachings we call Coyote Mentoring.



This program is best suited for families with children ages 4-12.

2018-2019 ReWilding Families Enrollment Form

TIME: 10am – 1pm

COST: $350 per family for the 2018-2019 program year includes:

  • 8 Field Days for Parents and Children of all ages
  • Home Explorations
  • 3 Free Parent Trainings
  • Journal
  • Local Field Guide



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