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Four days in length, the Wayfinders Weekend is an introductory Rite of Passage experience specifically designed for middle school aged students. Middle school is marked by many changes individually and socially, including new freedoms of expression and increased choice in academic, extracurricular and social activities. This transition introduces new challenges for students and their families, as well as new opportunities for guided personal and community growth.

This course is not your typical summer camp. Boys will be encouraged and supported to test their physical, emotional, social and psychological boundaries, growing in their self-confidence, refining their leadership capacity, and deepening in character. Youth who participate in the Wayfinders Weekend are invited to join us for our Journeymen Recreation Days and Youth Fire Circles to help carry the positive momentum forward and uphold the bonds forged in the summer heat.

Ages: Middle School Age (11-14)
Dates: Aug 8-11
Location: Vashon
Cost: $450-$750 Sliding Scale
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